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Dr. Pierre Meulien
Dr. Pierre Meulien Executive Director Innovative Medicines Initiative

PharmaLedger brings together experts from both the pharmaceutical and technology sectors as well as patients and hospitals, making it a true cross-sector, multi-disciplinary public-private partnership. As such, it is well placed to generate practical solutions that will allow blockchain technologies to be integrated into drug development and healthcare in a way that is supported by all stakeholders.

Clarisse Dias da Mota
Clarisse Dias da Mota PharmaLedger PMO MSD

“The approach we take at PharmaLedger is one that enables us to have two dimensions and speeds in addressing challenges in healthcare. The reference implementation of the prioritised use cases will allow us the depth and breadth to research, design and deliver both: use case specific solutions and our open source platform.”

Maria Eugenia (Xenia) Beltran
Maria Eugenia (Xenia) Beltran PharmaLedger Coordinator Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

“Engagement of healthcare stakeholders is a cornerstone for PharmaLedger. Through the blockchain enabled healthcare approach we will deepen transparent and trusted connections that will facilitate how healthcare stakeholders engage. By doing so, we aim at contributing towards having better healthcare continuum and higher quality process in healthcare value-chain. “

Daniel Fritz
Daniel Fritz Industry Lead PharmaLedger & Novartis

“Blockchain is a team sport. Now we have the right team with the right resources to lead the development of interoperable solutions that can eliminate waste, enhance security and privacy, build trust and ultimately benefit patients and the healthcare ecosystem.”

Catherine Chronaki
Catherine Chronaki Secretary General HL7 International Foundation

“Blockchain is a key technology for the future. Coupled with HL7 FHIR standards we aim at supporting the FAIR (Findable, Accessible Interoperable, Reusable) principles in the health sector shaping a major standardization driver for data quality and interoperability to enable empowered patients and the health data economy. PharmaLedger sets the foundations to enable that future.”

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The PharmaLedger project will create a scalable blockchain platform validated through reference use cases in supply chain, clinical trials and health data that will serve trendsetters in the industry, thus enabling early adopters.

PharmaLedger will serve as a single source of truth for the healthcare ecosystem and will be designed for efficient decentralised governance, wide adoption by the stakeholders of the ecosystem, compliance with extant and emerging standards and regulation, and end-to-end connectivity and interoperability.

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Maria Eugenia Beltran

Project Coordinator – UPM

Daniel Fritz

Industry Project Leader – Novartis


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