Internal Meetings

Past events

PharmaLedger Kick-Off Meeting

Prague, Czechia

All of the PharmaLedger partners met to formally kick off the project.

  • Internal Meetings

PharmaLedger Virtual Workshop


During this workshop, the industry partners presented the prioritised 9 use cases in supply chain, clinical trials and health data market place.

  • Internal Meetings

PharmaLedger Internal Webinar – “From Design to Development”

Virtual Webinar

The first internal PharmaLedger Webinar took place, where consortium members were invited to participate and listen in on an introduction of WP2 and WP3.

  • Internal Meetings

PharmaLedger General Assembly

Virtual Meeting

The PharmaLedger partners meet to discuss future plans of PharmaLedger and to choose the External Expert Advisory Board.

  • Internal Meetings


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