Scope – Summit for Clinical Ops Executives

Virtual – Orlando, Florida

The 12th Annual Summit for Clinical Trials Operations Executives (SCOPE) from the Cambridge Healthtech Institute will cover various topics on Data Technology for End-to-End Clinical Supply Management.


PharmaLedger Presence

PharmaLedger’s Lead Coordinator and Project Manager Maria Eugenia (Xenia) Beltrán (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) will introduce the project and will take part in the following Fireside Chat (Panel) – Blockchain Consortium with the following additional partners:

PharmaLedgers’s Head of GSCO Innovation / Use Case Co-Lead for IoT in Clinical Trials Disa Lee Choun (UCB Pharma) and Lead of EFGCP for PharmaLedger Ingrid Klingmann (EFGCP) and Clinical Supply Chain Traceability Use Case Co-Lead Chad Sklodosky (Pfizer).

Find out more on the Data Technology for End-to-End Clinical Supply Management website.


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