#1 PharmaLedger Internal Webinar – “From Design to Development”

The first internal PharmaLedger Webinar – “From Design to Development” took place at the end of July 2020.

This webinar was the first in the running of a series of webinars for consortium members, intended to align the understanding of PharmaLedger’s activities, approaches and progress. This first webinar was an opportunity for 80 consortium participants to hear directly from the Work Package (WP) leaders about the architecture of the PharmaLedger platform and learn the key pillars which will govern it.

Still from PharmaLedger’s first internal webinar

PharmaLedger consortium members were invited to participate and listen in on an introduction of WP2 and WP3. Marco Cuomo (Novartis) and Sinica Alboaie (Romsoft) presented WP3 – Laying the foundations and principles, which included the architectural pillars of the PharmaLedger platform, a section on blockchain technology and key concepts of the development of the use cases.  

From WP2, Rene Kronenburg (AbbVie) and Luis Miguel Campos (PDM) introduced the methodology of development and prototyping for all of the use cases selected. The eight use cases that were selected by the consortium will validate that architecture through these reference implementations. PharmaLedger intends to communicate more information about its platform in its future press release.

A second internal webinar is being planned early November that will focus on the latest stage of the Supply Chain use cases. This ongoing series of webinars will follow with each DRA and its use cases.

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