Advancing Health Priorities: PharmaLedger at DIA Europe 2021

PharmaLedger recently hosted a week-long 3D Virtual Booth, as well as two 60-minute Spotlight Sessions at DIA Europe

PharmaLedger recently participated in DIA Europe 2021, an event focused on the collaboration of professionals working in drug development to advance health priorities. This year’s edition took place virtually from the 15th to the 19th of March. It brought together representatives from the entire spectrum of the life science landscape to facilitate crucial discussions across several topics such as clinical development, regulatory strategy, pharmacovigilance, value and access, health policy and many more. 

PharmaLedger was excited to contribute to DIA’s initiative of advancing health priorities with the addition of our very own 3D Virtual booth and two 60-minute Spotlight Sessions.

Virtual Booth

Through a 3D virtual experience, DIA attendees were given the opportunity to visit the PharmaLedger booth to learn more about the project by watching videos, viewing presentations on our use cases and live chatting with PharmaLedger members. The booth was available to attendees throughout the duration of the event all week long.

In addition to the 3D Virtual Booth, PharmaLedger also took to the stage to host two 60-minute Spotlight Sessions. You can keep reading to learn more about each session and watch the recordings on our Youtube channel.

Spotlight Session #1: PharmaLedger – Demonstrating the Vision of Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare

On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, our first Spotlight Session, “PharmaLedger – Demonstrating the Vision of Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare” kicked off with a short introduction of the PharmaLedger Project presented by our Industry Lead Daniel Fritz (Novartis). The session continued into a discussion on how the PharmaLedger consortium is co-creating a solution for electronic product information (ePI) and anti-counterfeiting checks, which are two of our use cases under the umbrella of supply chain. Use case co-leads Patrick Maher (Novartis) and Ken Thursby (MSD) then concluded the session by giving a demonstration of the first prototype of the PharmaLedger Electronic Product Information app.

Spotlight Session #2: PharmaLedger – Data Privacy and the Vision of Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare 

Our second Spotlight Session, “PharmaLedger – Data Privacy and the Vision of Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare” took place on Friday, March 19, 2021, with a focus on how PharmaLedger is tackling data privacy and patient-centricity. The session began with a short introduction to the project from PharmaLedger Boehringer Ingelheim Lead Hernando Giraldo. We then entered into a discussion with Regulatory, Legal & Data Privacy Framework Co-Lead Nenad Georgiev (KU Leuven) around PharmaLedger’s data privacy framework and the extent to which “Privacy by Design” is at the foundation of all of our developments. Concluding the session is an exploration of how the consortium is reshaping the informed consent form process for clinical trials with our eConsent use case, which was presented by the use case co-lead Baldwin Mak (Boehringer Ingelheim).

In addition to the Spotlight Session recordings, you can also view and download the original presentations by clicking the button below.

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PharmaLedger has eight use cases in total covering supply chains, clinical trials and health data. PharmaLedger is a three-year project sponsored by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) that brings together a consortium made up of 29 partners who are working together to build a trusted platform using blockchain technology and in addition create many healthcare applications. 

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