Celebrating the 2 Year Anniversary of the PharmaLedger Project

We are celebrating our second year anniversary of the PharmaLedger project!

We have come a long way since the launch of our three-year PharmaLedger project in January 2020. During our first year, we established the design and project foundation as well as the basic structure of our trusted blockchain-based open-source platform for our eight use cases. As we have just finished our second year of the project in 2021, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at our accomplishments and highlight our new goals ahead for 2022. 

PharmaLedger Dissemination Timeline 2021

2021 Recap: PharmaLedger Year 2 – First Generation Blockchain Platform Deployed 

Here are some of our key PharmaLedger achievements from 2021: 

  • The PharmaLedger blockchain network was deployed and tested with six nodes (six consortium partners), including the electronic Product Information (ePI) application.
  • Further development in our innovative off-chain storage and data exchange framework, Open Data Sharing Units (OpenDSU), which is used throughout our eight use cases.
  • Technical demonstrator development for all our eight use cases.
  • We grew our brand recognition across our social platform and participated in over 60 internal and external events and we were featured in over 29 news mentions.
  • New collaborations formed with industry members and service providers outside of the consortium partners were made for development, testing and piloting solutions.
  • An Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) review confirmed that our €22 million project completed all activities, deliverables and milestones up-to-date.

You can read the full December 2021 Press Release below to read more about these achievements.

Blockchain Education and Patient Engagement

Another main focus of our PharmaLedger project for year two was to create greater awareness of blockchain education and increase focus on patient engagement. In terms of fulfilling both of these goals, we held two open webinars throughout the year to educate the public and engage patients and other stakeholders by holding live Q&A sessions to help create greater alignment in the paradigm shift to a trusted blockchain-enabled healthcare. 

The first webinar of 2021, “A Trust Centric Healthcare Journey Part II” (a continuation of webinars introducing our use cases) focused on the clinical trials and health data use cases. The second webinar, “Making ePI a Reality: The User Journey” dove into the progress and future state of our electronic Product Information (ePI) use case, including patients attending as guest speakers to share their feedback on the mobile application after participating in various workshops. Engaging these patients and listening to their feedback helped to bring key changes to its functionality and user experience. We value the importance of bringing the patient’s voice in all of our use cases so that our application and solutions meet patient needs and help create a more efficient relationship with the healthcare ecosystem. 

In addition, PharmaLedger released an addition to our series of explainer videos, this one around the electronic Product Information use case, seen below.

To add to our social platforms for releasing information, we welcomed our PharmaLedger Facebook page at the beginning of the year and reached over 1000 page likes by the end of 2021. We have also created the #Hashing it Out: Blockchain Terms Explained series, where we dove into various blockchain-related terms and broke them down into easily understandable examples, how they pertain to the general public, and how they apply to our project. 

By providing educational materials about our PharmaLedger project, we bring awareness to the advantages of building a blockchain-based platform that can foster trust and innovation throughout the healthcare ecosystem. As technology advances, healthcare is an ideal sector that can benefit greatly from innovative technology such as blockchain. 

Since we are all patients when it comes to healthcare, we also focused on bringing patients’ perspectives to our project during 2021. For patient engagement, we have conducted various workshops with patients regarding the ePI use case

2022: Entering the Third Year of the PharmaLedger Project

The PharmaLedger goals of 2021, “Development and Deployment,” now transition to, “Validation and Sustainability,” in 2022. Here are our goals for this year ahead:

  • Use case demonstrator evaluation, including validation of blockchain’s value proposition
  • Publish results-related scientific documentation
  • Develop system lifecycle documentation and “playbooks” for adoption
  • Continuous platform improvement and broad promotion including engagement with 3rd parties
  • Implement and transition to the post-project governance and operating model
  • Active engagement with pharma companies and other stakeholders, inviting them to join the “Trusted Ecosystem Journey”

Thank you to all that have been a part of our PharmaLedger journey so far. We are motivated in moving forward with our new goals for 2022 and are looking forward to what this year will bring. 

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Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all our information, news and activities in just one email a month! Unsubscribe at any time.