Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the PharmaLedger Project

We are celebrating our one-year anniversary from the official launch of the PharmaLedger project!

It has been a year since the official kick-off meeting of the three-year PharmaLedger project journey. As we start the second year and have many exciting plans ahead. In our first year, we have successfully created the design and project foundation. We have chosen eight use cases and have organised the basic structure of our trusted blockchain-based open-source platform that will validate our use case implementation in order to bring value to the healthcare ecosystem, especially to patients. Now for 2021, we are adding a stronger focus on two areas to further build trust and transparency: patient engagement and technology education.

2021: Year Two of the PharmaLedger Project

As we are beginning to launch the prototypes for our eight use cases and the open-sourced platform, we are starting to shift to the development and deployment of the solutions. 

PharmaLedger Facebook Launch

Aligning with the goal of reaching patients, we are launching our Facebook page to add to our list of social channels. In our first year, we launched a number of social channels, and our Facebook page will be another platform to help us keep others informed and engaged with our project. Make sure to give it a “like” to receive any important information and invites to interesting events, such as open webinars, developer trainings and tutorials and our monthly newsletters.

2021 Goals

PharmaLedger has eight use cases in total covering supply chains, clinical trials and health data. PharmaLedger is a three-year project sponsored by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (efpia) that brings together a consortium made up of 29 partners who are working together to build a trusted platform using blockchain technology and in addition create many healthcare applications. 

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