Featured Article: EBC – The Unusual Attribute of Being Able to Transcend Enterprises

Our partners at the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) sat down with us to discuss the PharmaLedger project, blockchain technology’s role in healthcare and our main goals for the next year.

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) is a leading blockchain event that gathers attendees from around the world to take part in keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, one-to-one meetings and high-level networking. PharmaLedger started its partnership with EBC in 2020 and has joined its event for the second time this past April 2020, where more than 100 world-class speakers came together to cover the current and future state of blockchain across various sectors. 

In a recent article, the EBC conducted a Q&A session with PharmaLedger to talk about how and why our project was created, as well as how we are using blockchain to build a more trusted healthcare ecosystem.

With PharmaLedger’s 12 global pharmaceutical companies and 17 public and private entities, “an open and cross-collaborative approach between all Consortium members… will enable each stakeholder to truly work together within one ecosystem.” Although blockchain in healthcare is not a new idea, our use cases are developing to demonstrate blockchain-enabled solutions for this industry. 

In the article, you can read more the answers from us to the following questions:

  • What kind of new business models in healthcare do you see will arise from the use of Blockchain?
  • Some innovation managers say that Blockchain is still not mature. What would you reply to them?
  • One of the biggest challenges in any nascent ecosystem is always talent. Is European talent catching up with the pace of the blockchain industry?

PharmaLedger: Opening the Conversation

One point in the article talks about PharmaLedger’s main goal for the upcoming year, which is to “build and develop the technology stack required for our chosen use cases.” With a little over halfway through our three-year project, we have accomplished a lot, but we have plenty of other plans in progress.

As healthcare is a necessity for all of us, we believe that PharmaLedger’s impact and use case solutions can benefit everyone, especially patients. That’s why we want to educate others to understand the basics of blockchain technology and how we are using it in our project. We have recently started a new educational series #Hashing it Out: Blockchain Terms Explained, for those that are unfamiliar with terms associated with this technology. 

It may be uncomfortable for patients to agree to use a mobile phone application using blockchain technology at a doctor’s office without knowing a bit of background about it. Understanding blockchain may seem daunting, even to government officials and regulators. A shift of perspective is needed in order to be able to accept such innovative changes. Understanding how blockchain can create a more efficient and trusted healthcare environment while also maintaining privacy standards is why we are educating others about our project and our goals.

We are also planning on releasing more explainer videos on our use cases as well as our third open webinar by the end of 2021. Developer trainings regarding PharmaLedger’s technology platform and use cases will also be available, where startups, developers, medical technology professionals are encouraged to attend. We also have plenty of other more in-depth educational material that will be released for those that may already be experts in the blockchain field. We are excited for what the second half of our three-year project will bring, and we look forward to how this journey will unfold.

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