PharmaLedger Announces 3rd Open Webinar “Making ePI a Reality: The User Journey”

PharmaLedger’s has announced that registration is open for our third open webinar covering our electronic Product Information (ePI) use case.

We cordially invite you to our third open webinar, which focuses on the electronic Product Information (ePI) use case. The webinar titled, “Making ePI a Reality: The User Journey,” will introduce and examine the evolution of the ePI use case, its proposed future state, feedback from the patient perspective, and a live demo of the ePI app.

You can choose between two dates to watch and participate in this 90-minute webinar: the 23rd of November, 2021 or the 11th of January, 2022. There will also be a live Q&A session conducted through Sli.do at the end of the webinar, where you are encouraged to ask any questions.

electronic Product Information (ePI)

Historically paper information leaflets contained within medication boxes are cumbersome to use due to limited functionality and are not patient-centric in nature. PharmaLedger’s ePI use case aims to resolve multiple issues associated with the paper information leaflet by digitizing the experience for patients, thus improving and optimising it to meet standards set by the European Medicine Agency. ePI is intended to improve access to up-to-date product information on medicines when and where it is needed. The European Medicines Agency, in collaboration with Heads of Medicines Agencies and the European Commission, has developed key principles through stakeholder consultations to guide the development and use of ePI in the EU.

Learn more about our ePI use case in the video below.

Bringing You the Patient Perspective

For the first time in our open webinar series, we will be bringing the patient’s perspective from the results of various focus group workshops led by patient experts. We will also be having a discussion regarding feedback from three patients that were directly involved in these workshops. After all, we are all patients when it comes to healthcare. By working alongside patient advocacy organisations and talking directly to patients, we gain insights into improving PharmaLedger’s application design.

Webinar Agenda


Speaker: Paul Marley (GlaxoSmithKline)

Paul will kick off the webinar by giving an introduction and overview of the PharmaLedger project.

Topic 1 – ePI Journey

Speaker: Ken Thursby (Novartis)

Ken will focus on the journey of the ePI use case – how it has evolved over time and subsequently benefitted from continuous improvements and engagement from a variety of stakeholders within the PharmaLedger consortium.

Topic 2 – Feedback from HCP Focus Group

Speaker: Tarn Yeong (TY) Goh (MSD)

Tarn Yeong (TY) will share Singapore’s experience in running a healthcare professional focus group discussion and will also share the results of the HCPs’ feedback on the PharmaLedger ePI App.

Topic 3 – Patient Perspective

Speaker: Hannes Jarke (European Patients’ Forum)

Hannes will facilitate a discussion with three patients (Silvia Scalabrini, Robert Joyce and Marta Morato) who participated in these workshops where they will be sharing their testimonies.

Topic 4 – ePI Application Demo

Speaker: Sonja Steiner (Novartis)

Sonja will demonstrate the functionalities of the ePI app and share both patient and healthcare professional perspectives gathered through workshops and app-related focus groups.

Topic 5 – Future of the ePI Use Case

Speaker: Patrick Maher (Novartis)

Patrick will wrap up the presentations by outlining the proposed next steps and the future of our ePI use case.

Live Q&A

Following the presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers through Sli.do.

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