New Collaboration: European Blockchain Convention

PharmaLedger is excited to have entered in a collaborative engagement for dissemination with the leading Blockchain Conference for Business in Europe. The 4th edition of the event was held virtually on the 21st and 22nd of September 2020.

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) is the leading blockchain technology event in Europe that brings together the main players in the blockchain ecosystem: tech leaders, corporates, regulators, investors, developers, and entrepreneurs. 

The EBC is a multisectoral conference that covers various topics and use cases. It is mostly made up of panel discussions, a few key notes, and masterclasses. Victoria Gago and Daniel Salmerón are the two co-founders of this event and launched the first edition in Barcelona in 2018.

Gago explains, “Providing high-level quality blockchain content through discussions and creating connections with people who bring value to others to evolve the blockchain ecosystem are two of the primary goals of the EBC.” The EBC helps speakers drive important discussions in the diverse sectors using blockchain and helps to progress this technology forward.

How did the EBC get started?

Victoria Gago is one of the two co-founders of EBC. When working in finance and first moving to Barcelona in 2014, she decided to create Accelerate Network, a networking women’s association group to meet and connect women from various fields. She heard a member from the group speak about blockchain in early 2017. From this, Gago grew interested in blockchain and started to research it more in-depth. 

Gago was working with Daniel Salmerón at the time in Trea Asset Management and he showed great interest in blockchain as well. Together, they wanted to start connecting various blockchain experts in one place. Their goal was to gather the whole blockchain ecosystem in Europe by interconnecting large listed companies to medium and even smaller-sized serious companies and projects.

“We realised that it was time to connect people on a higher level in blockchain in the industry. If you really want to advance with the new technology, you need decision makers, you need big corporate institutions to back it. This includes human capital, and people studying, working, or investing in this technology,” says Gago. 

Gago and Salmerón then launched the first EBC Barcelona edition in 2018. The EBC is made up of two editions throughout the year: the Iberian Edition in Barcelona, and the Nordic Edition in Copenhagen. The fourth March 2020 edition was planned to be taking place in Copenhagen, but due to the restrictions regarding COVID, the EBC had to reinvent themselves and create a 100% virtual experience.

PharmaLedger Collaboration

PharmaLedger has recently entered in a collaborative engagement for dissemination with the EBC. Throughout the course of the project, PharmaLedger will actively participate in EBC events by having its members as speakers and moderators take part in the various discussion panels. 

In the future, EBC will also conduct streamed and written interviews with PharmaLedger partners as well. EBC will help those involved and interested in blockchain stay up-to-date with the latest progress in the PharmaLedger project from a pharmaceutical perspective.

The idea of blockchain in the pharma sector hasn’t been anything new, but there were not many companies involved in the past few years. Gago is excited about PharmaLedger because this consortium is connecting various partners in health data, clinical trials and supply chain. It could be argued that it’s the largest pharma blockchain project up-to-date.

PharmaLedger is looking forward to its collaboration with the EBC. If all goes as planned, future EBC events will continue in Barcelona and Copenhagen, but we are ready to continue in a virtual collaboration as long as needed and required. You can also find out more about the EBC 2020 Virtual Edition in a follow-up article that will be released soon.

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