New Collaboration: PharmaLedger X LogiPharma Transforming Healthcare Supply Chains

PharmaLedger is thrilled to have entered a new collaboration with LogiPharma, the world’s leading supply chain event. This year’s event will take place on the 20th-22nd of April 2021.

LogiPharma is the world’s leading supply chain event. For their 21st anniversary, the event aims to help pharma professionals achieve comprehensive end-to-end visibility and implement customer-first tactics by implementing the latest digitalisation tools. Bringing together the top minds in pharma supply chains, logistics, distribution, IT, quality and sourcing, they provide an open platform for sharing insights on how things are developing in the industry: from technology or network design, to the culture of their organisations.

This year, LogiPharma is going fully virtual and will take place on 20th through the 22nd of April, 2021.

We had the pleasure of speaking with LogiPharma’s Content Director Will Robinson, who gave his thoughts on this year’s event and the new collaboration with PharmaLedger. 

About the Collaboration 

PharmaLedger has entered a new Collaboration for Dissemination with LogiPharma to further strengthen its exposure within the supply chain community, and to support LogiPharma by bringing blockchain to the center stage.

Since the event first began 21 years ago, it is clear to Robinson that the healthcare industry has taken leaps and bounds. He adds that PharmaLedger and the technology behind it has the capability to catapult the industry even further than before. “PharmaLedger is incredibly interesting. Blockchain is something that’s been on the horizon for quite some time, and I’ve definitely seen the potential of the technology. It could be absolutely transformative, and we believe that it will be.” 

The consortium and technology that make up PharmaLedger combined with the diverse and innovative open discussions offered by LogiPharma gives us the ability to push the industry forward in patient-centricity unlike ever before. Especially in a time when it’s so desperately needed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Working Together to Transform Healthcare Supply Chains

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of healthcare supply chains has crossed everyone’s minds at some point. It’s driven us to be hyper aware of the issues prevalent across the industry, and it is now serving as a catalyst for change.

When asked his thoughts on how the pandemic has transformed the way we think about the future of healthcare, Robinson expressed that while Covid has thrown out some major challenges for pharma supply chains on a global scale, the industry has really stepped up to those challenges. For Robinson and LogiPharma, this means selecting event participants who are really working to push the industry forward, along with the appropriate panel discussions to set solutions in motion.

Robinson acknowledges that real industry change doesn’t happen without collaboration. He stated: ”There are huge amounts that can be done with this blockchain technology across the end-to-end supply chain, but that requires a certain degree of collective responsibility from the pharmaceutical producers, and it requires a critical mass – meaning a number of producers and their partners need to be brought into this and work from a single point of truth. It’s not something that we’re working on that everyone can develop in tandem, and it’s amazing to see Pharmaledger doing this. It’s a real drive toward something that could make a massive difference.”

Though widespread adoption is what Robinson sees as the biggest challenge we face in our trust-centric healthcare journey, he adds that there are a myriad of other technical challenges that will come into play. These and many other points will be covered across the different panel discussions at LogiPharma.

At this year’s virtual edition, LogiPharma is also stepping up in its role as a conversation and knowledge facilitator by offering free admission to professionals from pharmaceutical producers. 

What to Expect at LogiPharma 2021

This year at LogiPharma, pharma supply chain leaders will reveal insights on:

  • How the industry is preparing for Covid-19 vaccine distribution whilst ensuring the integrity of pre-existing supply chains
  • How to leverage tech transformation to drive end to end, digitally enabled, patient-centric supply chains
  • How to fundamentally redesign your supply chain to overcome the challenges of Covid-19 disruption, meet the demands of personalised medicines, and thrive as an originator with competitive advantage
  • Including other latest industry developments 

PharmaLedger Participation 

On April 20th at 14:30 EU (13:30 GMT/09:30 ET), you can hear from PharmaLedger partners: PharmaLedger Industry Lead Daniel Fritz (Novartis), Brian Thornley (AVP Global Supply Chain, MSD), Implementation & Solutions Co-Lead René Kronenburg (AbbVie), and GSK Lead Himanshu Agarwal (GSK) as they come together to participate in the Live Panel and Collaborative Boardroom focused on the question: How can you work with your pharma peers to establish standards that drive forward widespread blockchain adoption? 


This year, professionals from pharmaceutical producers can attend LogiPharma for free. To claim your free ticket, use your email address associated with your company to register by clocking the button below.


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