PharmaLedger Featured Article: Fortune India

PharmaLedger has been mentioned in an article by Fortune India around our use of blockchain to support supply chain traceability.

Fortune India has recently written an article titled “Covid-19 vaccine: How ready is India’s supply chain?” As India is in its second phase of vaccine deployment, this question is on almost every country’s mind. What makes the vaccine distributions tricky is not just the scale of the distribution itself, but also the need for a “seamless cold chain transportation and storage logistics capability…” The article addresses the main challenges faced in India (although similar challenges are seen everywhere) for the cold chain vaccine distribution. 

A summary of some of the main key challenges addressed are:

  • Optimise batches of vaccine skews with transport capacity
  • Channel and re-direct transport of refrigerated vaccines 
  • Budget for off-the-shelf RFID and temperature sensors through IoT feeds
  • Perform root cause analytics on reasons for contamination
  • 24/7 Control Tower for continuous monitoring and appropriate response
  • Blockchain-based end-to-end traceability of the vaccine

PharmaLedger was mentioned when addressing the challenge of end-to-end traceability. Blockchain would be an ideal choice for serialisation and data management, although not always the easiest to implement. You can learn more information about the above-summarised points and the challenges of vaccine distribution that is affecting us everywhere by reading Fortune India’s article below.

PharmaLedger: Opening the Conversation

We have seen and learned from this pandemic that the world wasn’t ready for a quick-and-effective response. As stated in Fortune India’s article, real-time supply chain traceability is an important factor that would enhance the Covid-19 vaccine distribution. Our Clinical Supply Traceability and  Finished Goods Traceability use cases focus on allowing real-time track and trace across the distribution channel. In this case, it could be applied to the Covid-19 vaccine distribution. 

With the PharmaLedger platform, the information would be confidential, trusted, and safely stored and traced in an immutable database. Blockchain would help restrict what information is shared and with whom throughout the supply chain. It would even be able to connect the patient by providing important product information (such as, is this vaccine authentic?). Finished Goods Traceability is just one of our eight use cases that are using blockchain technology to create a more efficient healthcare ecosystem. You can find out more about our Finished Goods Traceability use case below, and be sure to visit our Resources and Publications page to find out more about our other seven use cases.

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