PharmaLedger News Mention: Corriere della Sera

PharmaLedger has been featured in an article by the leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The well-known Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera wrote an article about blockchain technology titled Blockchain, ora tutti la vogliono: moda, vaccini e calcio, come funziona (translated to English: Blockchain, now everyone wants it: fashion, vaccines and football, how it works). The article mentioned blockchain in the fashion industry, its relation to immutable tokens and fantasy football. 

When blockchain for healthcare was mentioned, the PharmaLedger project was introduced with an example of how our Finished Goods Traceability use case could be applied with the example of a shipping container being traced among all actors involved in the process, thanks to blockchain. If a given medicine is temperature-sensitive, all those necessary would be notified of a sudden rise in temperature at the exact moment and point in the supply chain. 

You can read more about PharmaLedger’s Finished Good’s use case below.

You can read the original article from Corriere della Sera in italian below, or use a translator to read it in your language. 

PharmaLedger: Opening the Conversation

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the necessity for a quick response from the healthcare industry and government officials towards this global health crisis. It also showed how some of the often tedious individual steps in clinical trial processes were shortened in order to get this to the market as soon as possible. The vaccine alone was approved faster than a regular medical product being studied due to the urgent need to find a solution to the virus that has affected all of our lives. Of course that this was done within regulations, but it has certainly highlighted the areas from which the healthcare ecosystem can improve.

There are many clinical trials processes that can be more effective by implementing blockchain technology. PharmaLedger’s eRecruitment use case looks at ways in empowering patients to find these trials and share health data in a trusted environment while meeting GDPR standards. 

Another use case that is relevant to the pandemic is what was highlighted in the Corriere della Sera, which is the Finished Goods Traceability use case. With blockchain technology, PharmaLedger connects the supply chain ecosystem for trusted and accelerated information sharing, where cold-shipment of temperature-sensitive vaccines can be easily traced. From the start of the project in 2020, PharmaLedger’s activities in healthcare are more relevant now than ever when it comes to building a more effective way of testing, creating and shipping medicine to patients.

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