PharmaLedger News Mention: International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI)

Pharmaledger has been mentioned in a news article from the International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI).

The article titled “End-to-end Visibility -The Foundation of Addressing Today’s Challenges in Pharmaceutical Distribution” explores how advancing technologies are being leveraged to satisfy new requirements in the global supply chain. These challenges are being brought on by increased levels of customer-centricity, chain complexity and regulatory scrutiny.

Writer Carl Spörri from Modum recognises Pharmaledger’s use of blockchain to ensure that all pharmaceutical stakeholders can collaborate to track, verify and authenticate physical finished goods in their downstream path toward the patient. Connecting the physical with the digital through the help of modern technology – Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – is the aim to overcome the various challenges and to create a more efficient supply chain. 

PharmaLedger was mentioned under the definition of DLT:  “One example in the pharma supply chain is PharmaLedger, an EU Innovative Medicines Initiative, where a DLT governance model is being developed to ensure cross-stakeholder collaboration in tracking, verification and authentication of physical goods downstream.” 

The article puts it clearly: Information transparency helps increase trust between all supply chain stakeholders, improves efficiency and control from manufacture to end-user, and reduces the operational compliance burden that companies are faced with today.

We appreciate this acknowledgement from the IPI, (International Pharmaceutical Industry), an entity dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical industry through communication. You can read “End to end Visibility – The Foundation of Addressing Today’s Challenges in Pharmaceutical Distribution” and find PharmaLedger mentioned on page 100 (Autumn 2020 Volume 12 Issue 3).

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