PharmaLedger News Mention: TIC Pharma

PharmaLedger has been mentioned in an article by TIC Pharma

TIC Pharma provides digital news regarding the healthcare industry and has recently mentioned the PharmaLedger project in the article “Blockchain in pharma: promises fly, use cases remain.” Published in January 2021, this article highlights the history of blockchain in the healthcare field throughout recent years, with various examples of health and tech companies and projects applying blockchain, even machine learning, today. For blockchain to be applied in healthcare, there needs to be a group effort. Data traceability is one significant aspect of this technology that is being applied to healthcare. The article also mentions how blockchain can provide a solution to privacy issues when it comes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Blockchain is finally making headlines in the healthcare industry, and a consortium is often needed for solutions to take place. Anca Petre, the founder of the health technologies consulting company 23 Consulting, mentions and introduces the PharmaLedger project as being a significant consortium healthcare player that will help put blockchain back into the spotlight and support the development of regulatory frameworks.

PharmaLedger: Opening the Conversation

It is true that for such a regulated industry such as healthcare to apply blockchain or any paradigm shift, many players need to work together to move forward. With 29 partners from 12 global pharma, various tech subject matter experts and patient/healthcare representative organisations, PharmaLedger is unfolding its eight use cases on top of its open-sourced platform. The consortium-approach is indeed a challenge but blockchain is about consensus and so is the culture at PharmaLedger. 

The co-creation of these interconnected use cases helps bring blockchain in healthcare into tangible results that align mutual understanding and higher adoption likelihood of this technology.

There are many issues that need to be addressed, from basic infrastructure to regulatory and privacy protection as mentioned in the TIC Pharma article. We are now in our second year of the three-year project, and we are excited to see how our use cases will unfold to highlight the benefits of this technology and how it can help create a more trusted, transparent healthcare experience.

We are pleased to announce that Anca will also be participating as a guest speaker in this year’s European Blockchain Convention (EBC) with PharmaLedger partners in the panel discussion: Healthcare Data Privacy and Ownership. EBC Virtual is the leading blockchain event in Europe happening on the 12th-16th of April. If you want to find out all about the latest information with blockchain today, we encourage you to join!

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