PharmaLedger Project Review

Below we recap the past three years of the PharmaLedger Project, which concludes at the end of December 2022.

The PharmaLedger Project concludes at the end of 2022, and we’d like to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey. Working together, we have created the groundwork for blockchain solutions and innovation in healthcare that benefits the entire ecosystem, from manufacturers to patients. 

Watch our project wrap-up video below for a deep dive into what we’ve achieved and where we’re going next.

To conclude the project, let’s take a look back at our achievements and project milestones over the past three years.

The PharmaLedger Project Journey

PharmaLedger was born out of an idea from Novartis some years before 2020, when the company was interested in researching blockchain technology in healthcare. From an idea, it grew to become the PharmaLedger project sponsored by the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), formerly known as the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) under the Horizon 2020 programme. 

PharmaLedger’s goal from the very beginning has been to provide an open-source, trusted platform that supports the design and adoption of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions to accelerate medical innovation. Our 30 partners and the many new partnerships formed along the way have helped to build a Digital Trust Ecosystem (DTE) in healthcare.

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What is a Digital Trust Ecosystem?

Foundational to our vision of a better healthcare system for all, a DTE is an interdependent group of actors (enterprises, people, things) sharing standardised digital platforms to achieve a mutually beneficial purpose, underpinned with cryptographic trust (i.e., blockchain). Creating value and mutual benefit for all stakeholders involved in healthcare is one of the key goals of the PharmaLedger Project, which will continue with PLA.

PharmaLedger Use Cases

Our use cases cover many different areas of healthcare, with many overlapping and building on each other to bring ecosystem-wide solutions that benefit all involved in the Digital Trust Ecosystem (DTE). PharmaLedger’s use cases cover three domains: supply chain, health data and clinical trials.

You can watch all of our use case explainer videos in one place: our PharmaLedger Explainer Videos YouTube playlist below.

PharmaLedger Timeline

2020 – Year 1 

From Design to Development 

January 2020

June 2020

July 2020

September 2020

November 2020

December 2020

2021 – Year 2

Development and Deployment of Solutions | Patient Engagement and Technology Education 

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

June 2021

  • Conducted HCP Focus Group

July 2021

August 2021

October 2021

  • PharmaLedger Synergies/Roadmap Workshop in Toledo, Spain
  • EPF Congress 2021 Event
  • ePI Patient Workshop Series

November 2021

December 2021

2022 – Year 3 

Validation and Sustainability | Implementation and Transition to the Post-Project Governance

February 2022

March 2022

  • PharmaLedger General Assembly & Plenary Meeting

April 2022

  • LogiPharma Event Participation

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

September 2022

October 2022

November 2022

  • #5 Open Webinar: Blockchain-Powered Clinical Trials
  • PharmaLedger’s Closing Event & Expo in Madrid, Spain

PharmaLedger Project Milestones


PharmaLedger Firsts

– First open source collaboration in the healthcare industry

First home for Open Source Software (OSS) in healthcare-regulated tech | OSS allows many different IT systems to work together and encourages collaboration among various stakeholders, such as governmental organisations, patient organisations, healthcare manufacturers, healthcare workers and especially patients.)

First single portal for patients |The unified PharmaLedger App is the first single portal for patients in the industry, where a patient won’t have to use various apps from other companies or medicinal brands.

Patient-first mentality | We are working alongside many patient organisations, such as the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) to make sure that the patient’s perspective is taken into consideration during the development of all use cases.

PharmaLedger Project Final Events Highlights

PharmaLedger Last Mile Event at Lisbon

PharmaLedger’s Celebration Final Event in Madrid

PharmaLedger Project Final Thoughts

“After over 4 years of project planning and execution, PharmaLedger comes to a successful close. The PharmaLedger Association is mandated to carry on the journey towards real digital transformation and value creation for stakeholders.  We are thankful for the passion, persistence, and patience of all our consortium members and partners. It will still take a lot of work to scale the solutions, but the investment is already reaping rewards.” – Marco Cuomo, PharmaLedger Industry Project Leader, Novartis

“The endorsement of the future governance and operational design is the culmination of years of hard work and passionate leadership by the consortium members. It is proof that we can and will deliver on the promise of blockchain enabled healthcare in the future. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this journey and can’t wait to make it a reality with productive solutions that bring value to patients!” – Daniel Fritz, Executive Director of PLA, PharmaLedger Association (PLA)

“Collaborative innovation is leading PharmaLedger to higher chances of achieving greater impact to society and in healthcare. We are moving to become a real-world Healthcare Digital Trust Ecosystem. Opening-up to new external partners is exciting! I hope that people and organisations will join the PharmaLedger Association on this journey to collaborate under common values and future opportunities that will improve other lives.” – Xenia Beltran, LiFesTech, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

“The PLA endorsement further solidifies PharmaLedger’s initiatives as a sustainable solution for the responsible digitalisation of our global healthcare system. We look forward to the collaboration opportunities the PLA will create as we continue to work together as one team, focused on improving patient access to vital, lifesaving information.” – Michael Ritter, Head Serialisation & Digital Enabling, Takeda

We would like to thank everyone again for all your efforts in the PharmaLedger Project, and we are proud to have been able to gather and reflect on all of our achievements over the past three years. We hope that this isn’t our final goodbye and that you’ll continue the journey with us in the next chapter of PLA by becoming a part of our Digital Trust Ecosystem (DTE).


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the new PLA website. You can also find a list of FAQs in case you’re wondering what we are doing next and how you can become involved in the evolution of the project.


Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all our information, news and activities in just one email a month! Unsubscribe at any time.


Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all our information, news and activities in just one email a month! Unsubscribe at any time.