Shifting the Paradigm for Patient Recruitment Open Consultation Recap & Recordings

Rewatch highlights from our recent Open Consultation with EPF and EFGCP.

A multistakeholder open consultation “Shifting the Paradigm for Patient Recruitment: Needs, Options and Challenges for Trial Matching Solutions” was held in June 2022 in collaboration with our partners the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) and the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). This virtual event brought together multiple stakeholders from a handful of organisations, including PharmaLedger to lead a series of open discussions around the current clinical trial recruitment processes and how we can create more efficient matchmaking solutions.  You can watch recordings from PharmaLedger’s participation at the event or read a brief summary below. 

Problems with Clinical Trial Recruitment

Today, the clinical trial recruitment process is complex and unreliable, which often leads to delays in finding new treatments for patients. Patients that are interested in participating in clinical trials must be quite proactive and navigate through the lack of information available.

In order to find more suitable patient-friendly solutions, multi-stakeholder collaboration is needed among trial sponsors, clinical investigators, patients, and treating physicians. This also includes collaboration with neutral platform providers that enable sharing and access to selected, patient-owned data in a secure environment. Streamlined recruitment processes and user-friendly match-making services would more likely lead to an increase in patient interest, trust and an increase in clinical trial participation and an increase in clinical trial participation. 

PharmaLedger aims to improve the clinical trial matching process through our electronic Recruitment (eRecruitment) use case, which was evaluated during the open consultation. 

PharmaLedger Highlights from Open Consultation Multi-Stakeholder Event – “Shifting the Paradigm for Patient Recruitment”

You can now watch PharmaLedger’s participation in the event. These videos are part of a larger series of discussions taking place to help find more suitable trail-matching solutions.

Introduction to PharmaLedger

In this video, PharmaLedger’s Industry Project Leader Daniel Fritz (Novartis) introduces our three-year PharmaLedger project, as well as the challenges in the healthcare industry that our project aims to solve. He also discusses how PharmaLedger is building a Digital Trust Ecosystem (DTE), which uses a common blockchain-enabled platform that promotes mutual benefits to participating stakeholders while improving efficiency and increasing patient empowerment and patient privacy. He also gives an overview of our seven use cases and a roadmap of our project.

Needs, Options and Challenges for Clinical Trial Matching Solutions

In the second video, PharmaLedger’s Natalia Sofia (MSD) introduces the eRecruitment use case, including the challenges in clinical recruitment and how current studies look for potential subjects. Current recruitment strategies are expensive, and most trials fail to meet important deadlines. This leads to delays in medical development and lost revenue for sponsors. 

PharmaLedger’s eRecruitment use case empowers patients by offering patient-centric solutions, where patients can more easily self-identify with potential trials. Sofia explains more about the use case’s matching algorithm, which includes robust data privacy and streamlined referral processes. 

Clinical Trial Electronic Recruitment (eRecruitment) Solution Showcase

In this third video highlight, PharmaLedger’s Natalia Sofia (MSD) and Tom Giannaris (Bayer) further discuss the eRecruitment use case. They present PharmaLedger’s solution to the challenges in the current recruitment process, which include empowering patients or their providers to more easily find suitable clinical trials through a matching utility. Sponsors, patients and physicians would have equal access to the utility and distributed ledger technology would maintain trust between all parties.

João Paulo Luís (PDM) then performs a live demo of the user experience and further explains blockchain and OpenDSU technology, with an overview of the various benefits to the stakeholders.

Programme Committee

  • Lead of EFGCP Ingrid Klingmann (EFGCP)
  • Implementation & Solutions Co-Lead René Kronenburg (AbbVie)
  • European Patients’ Forum Project Coordinator Hannes Jarke (EPF)
  • Founder of PersonalPulse Steven Bourke (PersonalPulse)
  • Co-lead for Regulatory, Legal and Data Privacy Framework Halid Kayhan (KU Leuven)
  • Industry Lead Daniel Fritz (Novartis)
  • Lead Coordinator and Project Manager Maria Eugenia (Xenia) Beltrán (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Lead of Onorach Stephen Leiper (Onorach)
  • PMO Lead of Culture and Adoption Clarisse Dias da Mota (MSD)

We are thankful for the opportunity to discuss these topics with the public, which helps us find patient-centric solutions.

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Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all our information, news and activities in just one email a month! Unsubscribe at any time.