PharmaLedger’s 4th Open Webinar

Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem: Blockchain & OpenDSU

We are pleased to invite you to join us for our fourth open webinar, which will focus on the evolution of the project as it transitions to the next stage of building a “Digital Trust Ecosystem (DTE).” This is the next step and future vision of PharmaLedger after initiating blockchain-enabled solutions in the healthcare industry through our use cases.

This hour-long webinar will take a deeper dive into the technical blockchain aspects of our PharmaLedger project and is part of a series of webinars aimed at fostering greater alignment and a common understanding of PharmaLedger’s activities, approaches and progress among its members and the general public.

Our two Architecture and Reference Implementation Co-Leads Sinica Alboaie (Romsoft) and Marco Cuomo (Novartis) will lead the presentation and a live Q&A following the presentation. 

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  • 7th Jun at 10:30am CET
  • 22nd Jun at 2:30pm CET
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Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem: Blockchain & OpenDSU

The webinar will cover topics such as data sovereignty and how the PharmaLedger project aims to help give patients better control over their data. Technical aspects of the project will also be explained, such as the Open Data Sharing Unit (DSU) architecture. You can also look forward to a real-world implementation example of the electronic Product Information (ePI) use case. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Sinica Alboaie

  • Marco Cuomo


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