A PharmaLedger’s Open Webinar

A Trust-Centric Healthcare Journey

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We are pleased to invite you to join us for the first open PharmaLedger webinar. At this free webinar, we will bring together our members to present and discuss the current state of the Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain use cases.

This is part of a series of webinars aimed at fostering greater alignment and a common understanding of PharmaLedger’s activities, approaches and progress among its members and the general public.

Lynn Wang (Johnson & Johnson) co-leads PharmaLedger’s Supply Chain use case domain and she will deliver the introduction to PharmaLedger as well as the context of the selected Supply Chain use cases for this webinar.

Upcoming date
  • 2nd Dec at 2:00pm CET
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Topic 1

Clinical Trial Supply

Reimagining the Clinical Supply Chain with Blockchain

In this presentation, we focus on improving supply chain track and trace capabilities, one block at a time.

  • Francesco Spoto

  • Chad Sklodosky

Topic 2

Finished Goods Traceability

Finished Goods Traceability – The PharmaLedger Vision

Patient centricity and patient safety combined with increasingly personalized treatments put a series of additional requirements on pharmaceutical supply chains. The presentation will explore the finished goods value chain journey from the perspectives of different stakeholders, as finished goods traceability is central to meeting the requirements of many other use cases.


  • Dr. Jan Wortmann

  • Bernhard Salb

Topic 3


ePI – Electronic Product Information or eLeaflet

This presentation will discuss PharmaLedger’s efforts to digitize medicine package inserts with a common industry approach. It’ll also present how the project is using blockchain to create a trusted digital solution for the process of these package inserts – creation, update and final approval by regulatory authorities. The aim is to deliver the most updated medicine leaflet to patients, lower environmental impact and make a step towards patient empowerment in the digital healthcare ecosystem.

  • Patrick Maher

  • Ken Thursby

Topic 4


Empowering Patients

This use case focuses on empowering patients by creating new anti-counterfeiting capabilities through public-private collaboration and the use of blockchain technology.


  • Daniel Fritz

  • Dr. Alberto López


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